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Use electricity & steam. clockwork shit. Live in swamps. Built tall stilt structures and towers. Use bog gas.

Live in an elevated platform city above the swamp/marsh/bog. They did this to avoid the floods and dangerous denizens of the area. The gnomes were hastily working on new technology based around electricity. They were planning to unveil much of this at a World’s Fair type of event, but when the news of the Thri-Kreen invasion reached them they uprooted and floated south. The first of the old races to reach the new continent, the gnomes explored and have set up many exploratory encampments.

They lost a portion of their original city, due to these compilations they were forced to touch down on the new continent. This served as the ground platform for the gnomish operations. They have spent their headstart on the new continent building a sky platform tethered to their original city.


Gnome society is built upon a system of academia. Guilds litter the cityscape providing invaluable services to the Gnomish people.

Gnomish Trade Syndicate

Gigglewicks: Gnomish Speakeasys (named by the Naming Guild)

The Gnomenclature: A guild with a penchant for all things naming! They were disbanded after The Hop Skip debacle. There are whispers that they still operate in secret...naming things as they see fit. Some have said that they wear masks depiciting elements of language.


The naming guild decided upon floating aero fortress. But this was shutdown by the guild collective and so the naming guild went back to the chalk boards. Some say this was the event that seeded their break from rule and order becoming a disgrace to the gnomish name. Tethered to Thuncryft.

Notable Figures[]

Zapworth Boghopper[]