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Lived in a dormant volcano. The soil’s properties lent itself to growing a crop only found inside said volcano. The walls of the summit protected them from outside forces. Originated from a nice semi forested riverland called Bracken Thatch. An undead uprising occurred one fateful night tearing apart everything in their path. Traveled and found a new location up a treacherous dormant volcano which revealed a paradise of sorts inside the summit.

Harvested plants in the summit that grew because of soil conditions, named Thistle Mint. Thistle Mint was discovered once the halflings reached the summit of that treacherous volcano. It was a blessing, calming the nerves of the the survivors from that arduous trek. Thistle Mint is the plant that intoxicates the halflings and puts them in a relaxed state of jubilation and cheer.


Notable skills: cooking, the arts.

Many traveled the land as bards, rogues, druids and rangers. Farmers, culinary experimenters

Naturally inquisitive and need to be kept entertained or occupied.

The most odd and exquisite food came from halfling cooking.

When halflings traveled they could always fall back on their cooking skills to earn a keep, money or what have you.


Bramble Reach: The new (BE) Halfling village on the summit.

Bracken Thatch: The old Halfling village.

Upon settling in Respice they collectively have tasked themselves to find a substitute for their Thistle Mint. So halflings can be found all throughout the land exploring its dangers and unspoken places.

Their "home" as of now is the ruins of the port city Thuncryft; the anchor city for the gnome's Flying Fortress. The halflings decided to return to Thuncryft to report their findings of alternatives to Thistle Mint. Thuncryft is a large city that has many nooks. The halflings have taken to exploring these secrets.

Notable Figures[]

Draxly Habenthwick[]