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A Phantus warrior who has embarked to trek the lands like his ancient ancestors, Thanomuir is an old warrior, recognizable by his asymmetric tusk lengths and the eyepatch over his left orbit. He joined the Breakers, The Jewel's proctectorate order, at an early age, but realized he didn't agree with their ideal of never leaving the Jewel. With one tusk broken in initiation, Thanomuir left the guard and now roams the lands as a mercenary. He hollowed out his tusk to make a drinking horn, and now drinks to the honor of the Breakers. It is common knowledge that it is good business for a barkeep to fill the horn for free.

Thanomuir travels with Zapworth Boghopper, a Gnomish cartographer, in an effort to commit the topography of Respice to maps, a lasting record of the travels of his people.

"The Left Eye Of Thanomuir" is a common saying amongst the Phantus and now slowly spreading across the newer races. It imparts a sense of impending and ominous doom. The saying finds its roots in the rumor that if one is to see Thanomuir's left eye (a subject of debate of whether he still has the organ or not), then ill times may come to pass shortly after. Also can be used as a curse or to embolden a party.