This occurrence was fueled by goblins constantly raiding Dwarven mines trying to get their hands on shinnies and new technology. Thus the Dwarves came up with a plan to exodus all of the Goblins, they arranged for a great battle to settle the mettle. Unbeknownst to the Dwarves one of their engineers had devised a plan using an experimental magnet technology. He set up a magnet field where the battle would be held. Once the forces met he gathered all of his great colleagues to project a shielding with their magics effectively encasing the area in a dome. Then he threw the switch. A great humming began and Dwarves began to scatter and run, so did Goblins, but they had far more terrain to cover to escape the shielded zone. And with a great rush of wind and propulsion, the spit of land soared into the atmosphere rushing towards the moon. Many Dwarves were enraged that they did not spill blood and die in battle. But they all agreed they must back to the underground to deal with the filtly Thri’Kreen. Dwarves are still puzzled by the event known as the Great Thoom. They lost their greatest engineers, scientists, and many elite fighters that day. Magnetism research was feared and halted only to be studied by those with top clearance. The grip on the technology has been loosened due to the potential it has against the Thri’Kreen.

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